SirNicolay with his first few students in UP Diliman in 2009. Photo by Myles Castro.

Here's what the students say about SirNicolay and his lessons:

"It's a best class for people who want to learn basic photography. I learnt a lot from our day shoot and critic sessions. Thank you for being patient with me in answering my questions and providing lots of suggestions, and may you continue to inspire people with your amazing passion. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance Sir James!"
- Herbert "Bart" Bartolome, Portrait Photographer. See a portfolio of his photos here.

"What makes Sir Nicolay's photography courses a cut above the rest is that you get value for your money. His method is more "hands-on", which suits me as I hate sitting all day in a classroom. You learn all the practical stuff minus the clutter which for me is the best way to learn photography. Testament to this is a couple of photo contests which I have won. Thank you Sir and may you continue to be a guiding light to photography's darkroom of students."
- Philip Cruz, MD. See a portfolio of his photos here.

Sir James Nicolay is one of the most talented photography teachers I know. His easygoing manner and straightforward teaching style allows us, students of all abilities, to feel comfortable with the lessons being taught and confident in asking question. His passion for photography is obvious in his enthusiasm to teach us all the tricks and techniques that he can share without any limitation, from basic to advance editing..(I highly recommended you guys to take the whole package that Sir Nicolay's offering, I assure you it's so worth it!:) Sir Nicolay is very generous with his time and support even after the workshop is over, as he willing to help his student work out the solution to his/her photograph problems by his very helpful critiquing. I learned more than I could have imagined about my camera and photography. Thank you, Sir James! You're such a great teacher! Now I have my own great prints to hang on our wall and proud to display my photos on any photography sites!
- Reyky Diangson, Hobbyist Photographer. See a portfolio of his photos here.

SirNicolay and his students from Dipolog City, when he was invited to teach there for two days in 2009.

"Si James Nicolay has a lot to do with who I've become today! He's probably surprised as well! I can still vividly remember how I felt after my 1st ever Basic Photography class with him 2 yrs ago. I went home.. no I didn't go home...I went straight to the park to try out what I learned! That's how inspiring his lectures are! I was never the same after that! With all the other photography classes I tried (all claiming to be the best), I can confidently say that nobody even gets close to the high standard of teaching which only he provides! And the best part is that, his classes are soooo affordable! Great value for your hard-earned cash!"
- Mae Ilagan, Food and Travel Writer/Photographer. See a portfolio of her photos here and a blog entry about her photo adventures here.

"I enrolled in Sir James' photography class armed only with my D90 and passion for photography. I am now enjoying the appreciation and good comments I'm getting from other photographers because I applied what Sir James had taught me. Thank you, Sir James."
- Sol Vergel De Dios, Hobbyist Photographer. See a portfolio of his photos here.

"Sir Nicolay's style in teaching is very simple and basic...highly recommended for those who's just starting in photography. Tired of reading countless reading materials but still at a loss? James Nicolay would gladly help develop your craft by instilling a strong foundation about the concepts in photography and openly give tips he gathered through years of experience."
- Dino Jasper Morales, Travel/Street Photographer. See a portfolio of his photos here.