Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SirNicolay's Photography 101 Lessons


February 2018 marks the NINTH ANNIVERSARY of SirNicolay's Photography 101. 

In a span of nine years, I have already taught more than 4,000 students from all over the Philippines, including photography enthusiasts coming all the way from Ilocos to Davao. I have also shared my photography knowledge and skills to students from ages 7 to 70, to students who had difficulty of hearing, and even to numerous foreigners coming from Australia, the US, the UK, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Canada. I have been featured in numerous blogs and websites, including wheninmanila.com; my photography and lessons have also appeared on travel magazines, a local guide book, and I have also discussed photography on Shop Talk on ANC cable TV. More importantly, many of my students have already become award-winning photographers in local and international contests, successful professional photographers and businessmen AND lovers of the art and craft of photography for life. :D

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for supporting me in my teaching endeavor. 

- James Nicolay


Top 5 reasons to study with SirNicolay:

1. You're studying with a REAL teacher, a professionally-licensed teacher, who can teach you the photography lessons the EASIEST way possible. He has a lot of experiences with cameras and taking photographs himself. His portfolio of photos are all over the Internet. And being an English teacher, his communication skills are excellent. He has already taught more than 3,500 students in more than 8 years of teaching photography.

2. He offers, hands-down, the CHEAPEST photography lessons in Metro Manila. The promo packages being offered make the lessons even more affordable.

3. The schedule of lessons are the MOST FLEXIBLE you'll find. You can study one lesson course this week, another two weeks later, another even months later. You will be able to learn at your own pace, on your own free time.

4. The number of students are very minimal (maximum of 8-10, depending on the class). This makes the teacher focus on individual students' needs. He's available for critiquingand answering your questions regarding improving your photography skills even weeks or MONTHS after you took lessons with him.

5. Once you have paid for the course and just in case you forget your lessons weeks or months later, you can request for a refresher and sit-in for free!

"There are so many photography teachers these days who are competing with my photography lessons that I often question myself, do I still go on or do I throw in the towel? But then, once in a while, I continue to see my former students' photos which make me feel like a proud mentor, and I hear feedback about other photography teachers who are parading their work more than really "teaching" the students: these experiences are more than enough motivation to hold on and continue tiring myself weekend after weekend teaching students the beauty of capturing stories than mere pretty pictures." - SirNicolay

You will learn photography from a teacher who actually KNOWS how to teach. :) 
Don't waste your money on "photography teachers" who parade their work more than really teaching you the lessons.